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Here’s a snapshot of the other services we offer: (don’t forget – whatever your business need, Virtual Workplace is the solution!)

business management

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Community Outreach Campaigns (nonprofits/not-for-profit)*

Our community outreach campaigns engage and attract prospective customers on a local level through your cities or even neighborhoods. We encourage, participation and interactivity to increase awareness and provide a personal familiarity, which also helps to improve the health of the community and adequately serves as a way of giving back to the community.


We find, that hosting campaign drives or rallies that are festive in nature are effective in generating interest. At these events, we raise awareness about your cause and drive action aligned with your aims. For instance, for voting-related objectives, offer them an on-spot for registrations and inform them about the voting process. Make the atmosphere light and welcoming with music and food so that people are actually motivated to attend. Similarly, we can participate in local community events and set up stalls and interact with people.


At VWS, we understand that an engaging and seamless customer experience is vital to executing successful events. Our convention staff and trade show professionals are dependable, professional, and best in class. We staff every event we support with professionalism and passion.


No convention is too large or too small. We cater to a host of specific client requests and can procure additional staff from our interconnected network of business and hospitality personnel. With temporary, event, temp-to-hire, and direct hire support, you get an experienced and flexible, fit to scale team who exude professionalism under intense pressure and handle any hiccups with expert efficiency.


  • Badge Pick-Up

  • Bag Stuffing/Materials Assembly

  • Convention On-Site Supervisors

  • Exhibitor/Vendor Registration

  • Greeters & Directionals

  • Information Desk

  • Lead Retrieval Personnel

  • Luggage/Coat Check

  • On-Site Registration/Typist

  • Press/Speaker Support & Registration

  • Room Monitors/Scanners

  • Self-Check-In Registration

  • Show Office Support

  • Trade Show Booth Host/Hostess


Our specialists hail from a similar background so they know what skills are needed for operations to run without interruption at an event or convention.

Corporate Formation

Before you can establish a company, you will need to make several decisions. For example, you will need to determine:


  • The name of the company

  • How you want it to be incorporated (LLC, s-corp, c-corp, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.)


The formation of each business type provides a different legal framework, including how it conducts its activities and its tax liability. This is where VWS picks up and does the rest of the hard lifting for you.

Conference/Meeting Planning

We take your objectives as our own. With over 20 years of event management experience under our belts, we plan your high-stakes corporate meetings with care and precision, allowing you to stay focused on key business priorities. From beginning stages to day-of execution, we love being your secret weapon for easier, elevated events.


We can take on as little or as much as you need for any particular meeting, which allows your meeting planning team to stay lean and expand out to a third party to manage seasonality spikes.


  • Strategic Planning

  • Venue Sourcing

  • Registration

  • Presenter Management

  • Food & Beverage

  • Staging & Design

Transcription / Captioning

Get your audio and video files transcribed by our professional transcribers – tooting our horn –guaranteed to be 99% accurate. Your files are secure and protected from unauthorized access. All of our professionals have signed NDAs and confidentiality agreements.


VWS closed captioning service helps you reach a wider audience and improve accessibility. Closed captions, (a/k/a subtitles), appear as text on the bottom of your television screen. Whether you want to make your educational video content more accessible to students, increase engagement with your video ads, or increase search engine visibility for your marketing content, VWS’s captioners gets the job done.


A trade show’s success depends on your materials arriving on time and intact. We’re committed to delivering just that.


VWS handles your trade show shipping requirements with professionalism and precision. An experienced coordinator helps develop an efficient shipping plan for each show that includes:


  • Complete online tracking visibility

  • Pick-up and delivery that coordinates with show scheduling

  • Careful, professional material handling to protect your investments


Our trade show specialists work directly with the general service contractors and show associations and are available on site to help coordinate most inbound and outbound ABF Freight shipments.

Vacation Curation

Welcome! To a world of experiences, at your fingertips.


You don't have time for an average vacation! We design private-guided, luxury adventures customized to you, filled with plenty of mind-blowing experiences and the downtime to appreciate them.


​Does matter if its your honeymoon, solo adventures, family vacations, or a group of your friends or family who want to create lasting memories. Let VWS curate the vacation of your dreams without losing the vision of your budget.

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