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Client Communications Specialist

Anywhere, USA

Job Type

Full Time

You will:

  • Provide guidance in defining communication objectives, identifying and analyzing stakeholder needs, developing insightful communication strategies, and designing individual communications and interactions.

  • Provide editing guidance on client documents, speeches and articles.

  • Assist in strengthening our consultants’ communication skills (strategic, written, interpersonal) through workshops and one-on-one coaching, sometimes working directly with clients as well. Develop the firm’s communication knowledge and capabilities by helping to identify and disseminate best practices, and designing and implementing awareness-building initiatives.

  • Help structure, write and revise individual pieces so they’re compelling and crystal clear. There will be times that you will hold the pen yourself and other times, you’ll join creative teams working in a broad range of digital formats.

  • Broaden a team’s thinking by stepping back from the document to suggest a different approach entirely, advising on the best media, structure, style and content to use.

  • Think more holistically about the experience clients have when we work with them, and how we can use workshops, hackathons and other meeting formats to build momentum and excitement.

  • Assist team develop communication plans for clients that will get their organizations ready to make bold moves.

  • Assist teams start projects well by understanding important client stakeholders so they can develop recommendations that resonate.

  • Stay involved over the course of an engagement, supporting key moments and critical deliverables.

  • Spot opportunities to help colleagues build their skills for the long term, sharing principles and tips they can internalize and build on.

  • Support an institutional shift in how VWS think about their client communications: away from default to PowerPoint, and towards a thoughtful approach that emphasizes narrative, a wider range of tools and media, and a strategy tailored to the client situation. At the same time, you’ll emphasize the importance of core foundational skills like compelling writing, structured thinking and powerful presenting.

You have:

  • 6+ years of experience in a business communications-related field (e.g., consulting, editor of business media, corporate strategy/planning, corporate communications, journalism)

  • Experience working with a range of business communications media (e.g., writing, presentation, video, animation)

  • Basic understanding and skills in using Microsoft business software such as PowerPoint and other design software such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere

  • Excellent influencing and coaching skills

  • Exposure to executive communications, change communications and/or internal communications

  • Strong knowledge of communication strategies, approaches and varieties of visualization method; interest in storytelling

  • Ability to visualize key messages for a variety of audience

  • Excellent interpersonal skills; proactive in network building with the confidence to cultivate and foster enduring trust-based relationships especially with senior colleagues

  • Ability to absorb new information rapidly and grapple with a wide range of complex business issues

  • Self-motivation, flexibility and resilience with a talent for working entrepreneurially in an unstructured environment; demonstrates a constant drive to develop professionally and building new skills

  • Sensitivity to, and discretion in, handling confidential information

  • Outstanding ability to structure logical and persuasive storylines; editing/writing skills, in English

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